Noam Chomsky

November 12, 2010

Discussing sweatshops and labor issues Chomsky states:

“Immediately after the 2nd world war the business world took up the task of destroying such business organizations..they talked about the need to fight the everlasting battle for the minds of men to protect concentrated power from popular movements which want to extend and deepen a functioning democracy”

Charlie Kernaghan of the National Labor Committee

May 18, 2010

Charlie Kernaghan, Director of the National Labor Committee, discusses labor issues, sweat-shops, and the plight of those locked in wage slavery.

“The companies want to take the product as far away as possible from the lives of the workers so essentially we know nothing about these conditions”

Howard Zinn

Feburary 5th, 2009

The late Professor Zinn speaking on human rights/worker rights issues as well as our current political environment:

“Roosevelt wouldn’t have gone as far as he did with the new deal if there hadn’t been a great labor movement in the country to push him towards important reforms.¬† We need a revitalized labor movement in the country.”

Noam Chomsky

November 5, 2008
Professor Chomsky discussing foreign policy, trade, globalization and our current economic structure.

“Advertising is based on informed consumers making rational choices..which is exactly what commercial advertising in general works to prevent, they want uninformed consumers making irrational choices.¬† In the 20th century advertising is now what the heads of industry call engineering consent,¬†fabricating consumers and controlling attitudes and beliefs.”